3 Things Dart Players Do to Calm Their Nerves

It might not seem like it while you see them at a bar or on any sports channel, but dart players deal with a lot of stress. The biggest problem is calming yourself down since you know you need a steady hand to win and that somehow causes even more stress.

I was sitting in a bar the other day, minding my own business, browsing on my phone and checking out powerful-promo.codes (a steal with some fine gambling bonuses), when, all of a sudden, a dart hit my beer! I was nowhere near the target. After the dart players made sure I was okay, the thrower was reprimanded and given a few tips on how to calm down. I did my best to memorize them.


Meditation is used all over the world as a method of coping with stress. The techniques differ from place to place, but it’s all about making your own thoughts quiet. After all, it’s the thoughts that are causing you stress, to begin with.

To meditate, some people imagine emptiness, a huge void with literally nothing in it. Others picture a calm nature scene, like a waterfall or a mountain. Meditation is great for turning off your brain, which helps you take care of your problems with a clear head. This is essential for having a steady hand.

Letting Go

You may have come across some heavily competitive people. They are the type where winning isn’t enough and losing is simply unacceptable. The need to win and leave others behind with your score can be overwhelming sometimes. These people should not play darts, as it causes an unbelievable amount of stress to them and the people around them.

Don’t think that you have to win, and don’t be scared and stressed about losing. It’s about the game. Nothing else should exist but you, the dart in your hand, and the target. So you missed. Big deal! You’ll make up for it in the next round. Even if you don’t, the key to not freaking out is to stop being obsessed with winning.

Get Desensitized

Turn your game into a routine. You come out, throw three darts, and sit down until your next turn. Repeat that as many times as it takes. Pretty soon, you will be in a position where you honestly don’t care where you are, or what you are doing. Stress goes away, and your game goes up a few notches.

If I may draw a small comparison with a situation that has nothing to do with darts in general but has everything to do with mentality – the reason Michael Jordan got his famous nickname ‘Air’ was because his team was losing a game with a few seconds to go, when Michael jumped, lingered in the air and scored the final basket. When asked what he was thinking at the time, he simply said that he was just playing basketball like he always does. There’s food for thought.

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