6 Fun Facts About Darts

Darts are a preference amongst everybody how loves to play a relaxing, simple, but also an interesting game with friends. It is a great way to wind down and have fun while stimulating your brain at the same time. This game has been around for more than a century and it is still one of the favorite past time activities for a great number of people. For everyone looking to know more about darts and its origins, here are six interesting facts about this game. 

How darts originated

It is believed that darts first originated back in the 19th century. Looking for a way to relax, soldiers would shoot arrows at casks or tree trunks. They would compete with each other and try to see who had the best aim. It is very interesting to see how a game with such simple roots is now one of the potential Olympic games.  

John Lowe

If you are interested in darts championships and tournaments, John Lowe is one of the names you cannot miss. This professional dart player holds numerous records that still seem unbeatable. One of his biggest achievements is winning first place at the world championship, which he won three times in three different decades. 

It is a game for everyone

Darts is one of those games that doesn’t have any restrictions when it comes to age or gender. It also doesn’t require any special fitness level, nor a specific set of skills. Therefore, it is a game that everyone can play, and as such, it is a great activity for the whole family. Moreover, you don’t need a big space in order to play darts, only a board and arrows. 

Board and arrows

At some point in time, clay boards were substituted with cork, which is still used today. The arrows are usually made out of plastic, but you might come across different materials, depending on the country you play in. The board should be at an eye-level height; however, since people playing are usually of different heights, it is hung at 5ft. 8in (1.73m) from the ground. While throwing arrows, you must stay behind a line called the oche, which is placed about 7ft 9in (2.37m) from the board.

A game of chance or skill?

It was frequently debated whether darts is a game of chance and how much players can actually purposefully do during the game. In 1908, there was a trial that settled this debate once and for all. Jim Garside, and Inn owner, allowed his guests to bet on darts games. This was seen as illegal since darts ware thought of as a game of chance at that time. During his trial, Jim Garside, with the help of a dart champion, proved that darts is a game of skill and that you can win using your abilities and strategy. 

Benefits of playing darts

Darts is a very relaxing game and it puts you in a great social setting for meeting new people. Moreover, it improves both your concentration and hand-to-eye coordination, since you are using both of those when you are playing.

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