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The game of darts has gained a lot of popularity in the past few decades. With annual championships attracting massive numbers of followers and big monetary prizes, it is certain that the popularity of darts will continue to rise in the future. Darts has a large audience in the world of betting as well, with punters placing their money on the games daily, with some help from codes like Hollywoodbets Promo Code that increase their chances of success.

When it comes to non-professional darts games, your local pub or bar probably has a well-used dartboard in it, and many people have one in their homes as well. 

That said, you’d think that there are a bunch of movies about darts out there, but even though darts are featured in many of them, only a few really revolve around the game. To help you find the movies on this subject, let’s show you a few of them.

Dartsville (2007)

The plot of this hilarious short film brings us to the county of Dartsville. This is the place in the American heartlands where the Dartsville County Darts Championship is held, a tournament that only the bravest and the boldest competitors dare enter. In Dartsville, the best and most precise competitors are hailed as kings. The trouble starts when a young darts prodigy upstages his father right before the beginning of a big tournament. 

Dartsville is directed by Tony West, a writer and director whose past works include 2015 TV series ‘The soup’, as well as the movie Deadtectives and Skylight. The title won an award for the best short picture in 2007 at the New Haven Underground Film Festival.

Win Each Way (2003)

This short drama tells us a story about Richard Owens, a Merseyside County darts champion. When his best friend Milles Fuller goes away to become a professional jockey, Richard loses his only real competition. 

Fast-forward fourteen years to a week before Christmas, Owens dreams of Fuller and receives a racing tip that ultimately leads to Owens losing his life savings. Deep in despair, the protagonist meets his friend again by chance, and the two have a game of darts to settle the score once and for all.

This short film is directed by Jeffrey Frenc who also worked on the TV series Film Trip and Reel life, and stars Patrick Sieler, Kevin Kelleher and Ian McCoy in the leading roles. The movie won 3 awards in 2004, Cotswold International Film & Video Festival for the best short movie, Tiburon International Film Festival for best new talent, and WorldFest Houston for Independent Short Subject-Films & Video. 

House of Flying Arrows (2016) 

House of Flying Arrows is a documentary about the world of darts championships and it’s superstars. The movie follows the story of darts from its humble beginnings in the 1980s all the way to the present times.

The documentary talks about famous darts players such as Eric Bristow and Gary Anderson from the UK and Dutch player Michael van Gerwen and tells the stories from their championships, as well as some anecdotes from their professional career.

Directors Daniel Harris and Daniel Mendelle bring to life the intricate world of professional darts championships, and this movie is a must-see for anyone interested in their favourite darts players.

Although darts hasn’t been a particularly popular topic among moviemakers, we’re hoping to see more directors become interested in this popular pastime.

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