How to Buy Proper Darts

In any competition, you take any advantage you can get. The skills are the main factor and lead either to victory or loss. After all, a skilled darts player will score better with rusty nails than a novice with mini-missiles equipped with a guidance system. However, better equipment might bring your game up a few notches. We are going to discuss how to buy the best darts and additional equipment.

Dart Type

The types of darts you have at your disposal are wooden darts, tungsten darts, and brass darts, to name a few. It is worth pointing out that most professionals stick to tungsten darts because they are slim, but still hold enough weight to make sure they stick and don’t bounce off. The more tungsten a dart has, the better, though it also means you will have to pay more as well.

Tungsten is not automatically better, it is just the preferred material. Every player has their own grip and aim, so if you aim too high, you might need a barrel that is heavy – this is where tungsten comes into play. If, however, your throws tend to land lower than you expected, a lighter barrel may be in order.


Are you looking at a type of game where your target is made of wood, or are you just having fun with a machine that keeps your score for you? When you have the answer to this question, you will know whether to but some steel tips or soft tips.

Shafts and Flights

If you are just a casual player, basic nylon shafts are perfect for you. They are cheap and easy to replace if they get damaged. Longer shafts are good for players who like their darts to take flight, while shorter shafts are suitable for those that rely on steady pace and brute strength to launch their missiles. Competitive players tend to favor super grip shafts, as they make it possible to use all of the force that you can muster. There are many different grip patterns to choose from, so suffice it to say that you want a shaft with a high grip score, which goes from 1 to 5.

Flights get even more easily torn since they lack the stability of the other parts of the dart. Biggers flights mean slower flight, which means you will need more force. That being said, it also means more stability during that flight.


Some players, especially if they’re in it for the long haul, get darts with a titanium finish. Why? Darts coated in titanium don’t corrode as easily as easily as their uncoated kin. Less rust means more durability and fewer replacements in the future.

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