Gerwyn Price – A Sentence Has Its Price

Darts is an amazing game, which is not really that popular unless in some specific parts of the world, like England. Every sport has its fans in the UK, most of whom enjoy betting on the said sports, including darts. Oh, during international tournaments, darts betting is very popular, even among those who do not like the sport, but bet on it for the potential profit. Many bookmakers tend to have promotional codes or welcome offers during those periods, helping newcomers find their way around the online world of sports betting.

The world of darts can get really pointy really quickly. Like any other competitive sport, darts also has its ups and downs and professionals often make the game what it is. Gerwyn Price, a darts player from Wales, with a Grand Slam title under his belt, was recently fined for his behaviour during the 2018 Grand Slam of Darts. Here is more about the story.

Unsportsmanlike Behavior Often Gets Fined

No matter which sport you are playing, for example, tennis, you get fined if you behave in a way considered unsportsmanlike. Nick Kyrgios has recently been fined an abysmal sum of 113,000 dollars for verbal abuse, arguing with a referee, audible profanity and leaving the court.

In the world of darts, sportsmanlike behavior is also expected and is a part of the standard rules. Gerwyn Price broke those rules with his aggressive behavior during the quarter-finals and in the finals, during his match against Gary Anderson. He was also fined for his comments on social media. His initial two fines for the two matches were 10,000 pounds each, with an additional 1,500 for his comments on social media. He was also suspended from playing for 3 months. He managed to halve his fine at a court appeal. 

Not Every Sentence is the Same

Since some fines can be reduced if the court finds that they were too harsh, many professional athletes actually pay less money more often than other people. For once, professional athletes can hire good lawyers.

Gerwyn Price got his sentence reduced by half, at least for the matches. So, in total, he ended up having to pay 10,000 pounds for the matches, instead of the previous 20,000. He still had to pay the fine for the social media comments, 1,500 pounds. 

What Did Gerwyn Price Actually Do?

After his own plays, he yelled and made quite annoying and cynical comments, trying to throw his opponents off, to get an unfair advantage. In these kinds of sports, like darts or billiards, opponents are expected to show respect to one another. Since Price failed to do so, he was fined. Gary Anderson, his opponent in the final match, was warned, for he pushed Price when Price was flaunting after his points and was literally in Anderson’s personal space. Regardless, Anderson was warned because laying hands on another player is strictly against the rules. He was not fined due to him being under extreme provocations from Price.

Darts, like any other sport, has its drama. Players like Gerwyn Price are often what would be considered a “heel” player in wrestling. They are often infamous, and tend to repeat their conducts, thus earning their infamy.

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