Dart Games in Online Casinos – How to Play and Bet

You have probably played darts at some point in life or caught professionals on TV, making shots which seem incredible, with the strangest techniques you never thought existed. What about online darts, how does one play those and how do you bet on those?

Before you get agitated and turn away from a very fun game, especially for punters, take a breather and look at an online version of darts. Visit casino at VideoSlots and get free spins with your first deposit, as well as the opportunity to play a darts game online.

Since playing one game, however, is not likely to net you with a lifelong experience of betting on darts, here are some things you should know about darts.

Online Darts

Online darts are usually not that different from regular darts. You get a circle divided into 20 parts. Each of the parts is numbered from 1 to 20. The largest section is called a single section. It is worth as much as the number above it.

There are two single sections divided by a treble section, which is always of a different color than the single ones. The treble section is called the inner ring. Each hit in the inner ring is worth 3 times the number of the section. Then, there is the outer ring, also called the double area. That one is worth double the face value. Two more targets are to be found on the dartboard, the outer bullseye and the coveted prize, the inner bullseye.

When gambling on online darts, however, you have no say in anything other than what you bet on and how much. It is, after all, a gamble.

How to Bet on Online Darts

Depending on the type of game and the jackpots, you can bet on a couple of things. You can bet on the exact score that every round is going to end on, or the exact sections and number. You can also bet on a score above or below a certain number, winning or losing more or less depending on how much you exceed the number.

Online darts are like slot machines, where you bet on your potential paylines, except this time, you bet either on exact numbers or some value above or below a number. The more difficult the bet, the more precise, the more money you can earn. You can raise or lower your quota by betting on a variety of things.

Whether you settle on a simple bet like a number above 25 or on something complicated like the exact score of all 3 hits (or misses), you are surely to have fun while gambling on online darts.

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