The Famous Dart Player Adrian Gray

Adrian Gray was born on the 28th of February of 1981. When he turned eighteen years old, he decided he was going to play the sports game, darts. He participates in the games that Professional Darts Corporation hosts. Born in Sussex, he plays in East Sussex where he keeps practicing those skills and honing them to a fine point.

He is not exactly a full-time player with playing darts though. He fills in the gaps by having a job as a carpet fitter. He’s also so good at his job that he was even named one of the carpet fitters of the year as an honourable title.

If you really take a look at it, having another job is probably a good idea to do alongside your profession. This means you can take time away from what you love doing and have a bit of a break. You can take this time to reflect on what you may be doing wrong to make yourself a little better. You can take the mistakes you made in the past and then analyze them and correct them.


It took around three years to master this sport, but when he did he even defeated one of the world’s most professional players, John Part. During the 2005 Las Vegas Desert Classic he won his way past the player John Kuczynski but then lost to Ray Carver.

However, a loss doesn’t mean the worth or experience of a player. It takes losses to make a professional and a master. He also took the people by surprise and practically won the 2007 World Grand Prix and beat Phil Taylor.


After winning so much, people started to wonder if it got his confidence boosted up too much. Trying to get back in the game was very tough for him after 2008 World Championship, 2008 UK Open and 2008 Las Vegas Desert Classic. There were sometimes when he would get it in everyone’s thoughts that he was going to win because he was practically there. Then the fall would happen at the last possible minute.

Things like this do happen, and they happen all of the time in sports. It’s the challenge that everyone must always be prepared for and embrace. There is nothing you can do about it sometimes, and it’s a good learning lesson for the future games.


When you look at the work he had as a whole, you will see ups and you will see downs. That is expected with all of the players. Everyone is a human being and has mistakes and has great achievements.

It really doesn’t feel good to lose to others, but if it was the case of just winning all the time, where would the learning come from? It comes down to being a winner in the end if you stay focused and positive. You have to take the positive from the negative. Every master out there was once a loser.

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