Darts betting tricks and tips

Hunting for bonus codes in 2018 or getting helpful tips on betting can be tricky especially if you don’t know the right place to look.

Betting on darts, a game which has grown quickly from an ordinary pub game to world standard tournament can be very lucrative with the right knowledge and information.

To start with, a large number of darts event to place bets on, are organized by organizations such as the professional darts corporation (PDC) and the British darts organization (BDO); and they include championships such as the World Tournament hosted at the Alexandra Palace; the International Dart Championships which holds in Dublin; the darts Premier League.

The most famous British Dart Organization tournament, however, is its version of the World Tournament held at the Lakeside Country Club every January.

To get the best out of your darts betting experience, good knowledge of the basics of the game is important. Here are a few points to note:

Most 180s:

The Most 180s market always has some interesting odds one can play; but, they are unfortunately overpriced.

To rake in the most profit from this, however, it’s important to understand the scoring habits of both players in the game and understand how to accurately pair up the Most 180s market with the To-Win to enhance the odds of winning on the same player.

Darts handicap:

For the shrewd dart punter, this market offers numerous profit-making potential. Most dart tournaments these days are straight legs, while some are played in sets quite similar to tennis. A player would have to win a minimum of nine legs in order to win a first to three sets match.

The basic thing to remember when it comes to handicaps betting is that if you intend to support a favorite player but want to squeeze a slightly better price, think of taking them to the ‘minus’  market and if, however, you believe the outsider has a chance to hold their own against the favorite; then, consider taking them on the ‘plus’ market.


To make a nine-darter, players have to hit up 501 points in 9 darts. While this might be hard for a rookie player, professional dart players routinely hit the nine-darter without breaking a sweat.

As a bettor, it’s essential to stay abreast of the format for each match before placing bets.

Lookout for those matches with a 20 or more legs and features top ranked players, they are worth backing.

To better your odds of winning big on your bets, there are a few tricks you need to master and they include:

Correct score ditching

This trick allows you to cover a number of possible outcomes and still make enough profit. This strategy works best in one-sided contests, hedge on the likeliest scores.

Lay to back strategy

Used in a win or lose events like knockout stages of tournaments. Here, you back a player you think will lose instead of the winner.

While you try to win more and get better at darts betting, you will need to remember that it is vital to learn from the Pros. Several sites such as www.bonusexpert.net offer tips and tricks that will assist you in your darts betting experience

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