The Popularity of Darts Around the World

Darts is a fairly niche game that many turn to in their spare time to have some fun and compete against friends. But, some people play professionally and if you look at the various world championships, then you cannot really discount the game as a smaller sport; many even bet on it with offers like Codere bono de bienvenida. Even though its popularity is not as that of football or basketball, the game is still fairly popular in quite a lot of countries.


England is the primary example of where darts is popular. England has quite the fondness for sports others consider niche, for example, darts, rugby, polo, cricket, and golf, even, not to mention billiards, more precisely, snooker.

The very first world championship cups took place in England, which is one of the many reasons why darts are so popular there. The results speak for themselves, as England is a country with decisively the most wins over the years. Not just 20 years, but further back, to the 1940s and 1950s. Year after year, the English took home a trophy in at least one international tournament, whether in men’s or women’s cups.

The Netherlands

This country was quick to adopt darts as a game they love playing. Unlike many other countries, the Netherlands have quite a few titles, lagging behind England only. The success of their professional players made the sport popular, giving the English quite the competition.


It is no doubt that darts would be popular in the entirety of the United Kingdom, and Ireland even, but players from Wales have had the best results year after year, being firmly in third place, behind England and the Netherlands.


Many would consider the Australians fans of other sports, such as rugby and surfing, but not darts. They would be both right and wrong, as Australians also love playing darts, at least professionally, which is shown by their results at international events.


Again, no wonder Scotland makes it into the top five countries with the most titles. Its players often find themselves indoors, avoid the rainy weather, playing darts for fun, but also at the highest level, as being in the top five requires more than just occasional effort.

These are the countries that favor darts the most, being just a few of many. Germany, Belgium, the United States, Austria, Canada, and New Zealand are also among some of the countries which favor darts. Darts is more than just a pub game in many countries of the world.

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